With All The Talk About Animal Rights This Week, Here Is A Sea World Reality Check

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There has been a lot of talk about animal rights over the last week or so, mainly due to the luring and killing of the ever so popular Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe by an American Dentist.

I wanted to share the following photo with you all.

The red line is the size of the Sea World parking lot, for guests. The tiny green line is where the Orca whales spend their entire lives. Shocking isn’t it?

sea world parking lotPlease Share This

Also…Check out famed comedian and Jackass daredevil Steve-O make a statement in a big way in regards to Sea World and keeping Orca’s in captivity.

Steve-O is a massive advocate for animals and die hard animal lover. We love Steve-O a ton here at A.J. and that just makes us love him even more!