Woman Accidentally Eats Heart Shaped Potato Chip Part Of Competition Worth $120,000

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Dawn Sagar is from Shropshire, England and she unknowingly made a very costly error when she ate a heart shaped potato chip — that could have been worth a whopping $120,000.

Walkers – a British snack food company known for manufacturing potato chips was running a contest called the “Heart Shaped Crisp Hunt”. Basically, those who wish to be a part of the contest must find a chip in the shape of a heart, photo it and save it. The chip that looks most like a heart will win $120,000.

Dawn did snap a photo of the heart shaped chip she found and she sent it to her friend. She then ate the chip. Why? Because she had no clue that there was a contest going on.

Her friend wrote back and told her to save the chip and enter the contest…but it was too late.

I think it’s safe to say, that Dawn’s heart shaped chip would probably be hard to beat.

In a press release shared by Walkers, the chip company is giving away £100,000, which is equivalent to $120,183.50, to whomever finds the “best heart shaped crisp in their Walkers packet of crisps.”

“Big hearts, small hearts, bubbly hearts, crispy hearts – we want to see them all!,” the press release states.