20-Year-Old Woman Believes She Is A Cat Trapped In A Human’s Body

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She is a different breed that’s for sure 🙂

A Norwegian woman claims she was “born in the wrong species” and believes she is cat trapped in a human’s body.

The 20-year-old known as Nano said she possesses a slew of catty characteristics like ultra-sharp hearing, laser night vision and fierce aversions to both dogs and water.

“It’s also obvious that I’m a cat when I start purring and meowing,” she said in  a YouTube video that has people wondering what the hell is going on… “And walking around on four legs and stuff like that.”

Nano said she first realized she was a cat when she was 16 years old. Doctors found a “genetic defect” in her DNA, she said — which she believes proves she is a cat.

“Born in the wrong species,” she said. “My psychologist told me I can grow out of it, but I doubt it.”

The 20-year-old did not elaborate on the “defect” or provide any proof that her DNA matches that of a cat. She looks entirely human, but she wears a cat-ear headband and a fluffy stuffed tail to help her inner feline match her outward appearance.

In the video, her best friend also claims he hears voices in his head that come from a cat. I think it safe to assume that there is a contamination in the water supply in their town.


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