Woman Breaks Up With ‘Toxic’ Boyfriend Who Demanded She Follow 12 Strict Rules

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A woman from West Yorkshire, England, has revealed she split with a boyfriend who demanded she follows 12 strict rules while on a trip with her friends.

Zoe Scholefield was at a music festival with her friends, when she started to receive text message ‘instructions’ from her now ‘ex’ boyfriend. The instructions came as a response to her asking which of the musical acts he would like her to photograph/video for him.

The unidentified yahoo of a man,  surprised Zoe with detailed guidelines, which began with orders for the woman not to “dance like a slag” during the festivities.


Here is Zoe’s Tweet!

The screenshot of the ‘instructions’ posted to Twitter gained a lot of attention as one would imagine they would. The ‘ex’ went on to let his girlfriend know that she must informed anyone who talks to her, that she has a boyfriend. He also goes on to request that she take photos of herself, front and back in order for him to ‘approve’ what she is wearing.

You have to be kidding me right? 

Nope! This guy is a total tool!

In No. 10, the ex added that he wanted Zoe to send the photos even when he’s sleeping, presumably so he can retroactively give his opinion of her outfits in the morning.

He concluded by asking her to send him a “video of her room” before she goes to bed every night, “to prove no one else is there and you are off to sleep.”

Zoe states that she is no longer with the man…but get this…he cheated on her! Go figure!

“Funny how my ex sent me stuff like this then has the audacity to cheat on me,” she captioned the exchange, which has since been liked over 34,000 times on Twitter.

The responses to the Twitter post are largely supportive of the break up!

One even pointed out that his attempts to control her behavior, and his comments on her actions, amounted to emotional and verbal abuse.

“Emotional and verbal abuse can have short-term and long-lasting effects that are just as serious as the effects of physical abuse,” one commenter offered. “Emotional and verbal abuse includes insults and attempts to isolate or control you.”

“You had a lucky escape,” she added.