This Woman Built A Home Out Of Old Shipping Containers & You Won’t Believe The Inside!

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Alternative housing is all the rage nowadays. From tiny homes to creative campers, more people are coming up with inexpensive ways to own their own dwellings which can turn out looking very creative and classy looking.

Case in point is Claudie Dubreuil. She works for a Canadian construction company where she builds her customers their dream home. The guidelines are usually the same – the customers are on a tight budget, so creatively speaking there is going to be limitations to what can be done.

When it came time for Claudie to build her own home, she did not want to have those same limitations, yet she also did not want to spend a lot of money, or create something that looked like everything else.


She wanted something that was totally her own design. While walking around a port in Montreal, a light bulb suddenly appeared over her head. She saw a few old shipping containers, and right away she realized this was the starting point for her creative new dwelling.


She went ahead and bought up four old and rusty containers, had them shipped to her land, and stacked them all on top of one another. Now it was time to get to work!



Pine wood siding was covered on the exterior, as this would be good for harsh winters. The exterior was finished in 6 weeks.con4

Now for the inside. A thorough cleaning to get rid of any toxins was necessary, and then the inside remodel could begin.


Pretty incredible results as huge windows shower in natural light while giving the space a surprisingly very open feel.


While one looks at a shipping container and thinks “boring”, you can see how remodeling one completely removes that label altogether.


But she wanted to also remember where it came from. So the traditional burgundy color remains.


The amazing staircase leads to a kitchen, bathroom and other spaces upstairs.


What a great kitchen!


Who would have imagined cooking dinner inside a shipping container would be so cool? High end stove, huge fridge, stainless steel counter…wow!


Now for the bedroom and bath combo. Incredible.


The free-standing bathtub is a big highlight. The room actually opens up, leading to a terrace where summertime will be perfect for catching an outdoor shower!


A guest bathroom too! Very impressive use of space.



This is certainly her unique creation as not another one like it exists anywhere!


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