Woman Can’t Stop Laughing As Her Boyfriend Passes Out On 200-Foot Sky Swing

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You know you have found the one when she laughs hysterically at your intense fear and lack of ability to control it. 

The video filmed in Rotorua, New Zealand, begins after the couple has been strapped into their harnesses and the cables are pulling them skywards.

Both visibly nervous, the unnamed girl relishes the anticipation of the ride while the boyfriend remains quieter, struggling to put on a brave face. 

As the couple reach the top and prepare for the drop, the man swears while his girlfriend laughs. Just before the rip cord is pulled and they plummet 200-feet…the couple declares their love for one another. 

Once the drop happens…the boyfriend is done for. His anxieties get the best of him and he passes…twice. His supportive girlfriend…well…she laughs…non stop! 

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