Woman Catches Her Cheating Boyfriend After Spotting Clue in His Selfie

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First off, cheating on your significant other is never cool. Secondly, if you do cheat — there is a 99.9% chance you will eventually get caught. Most of the time, when a cheater gets caught, it is because of a ‘mistake’ that they made themselves. Being careful is hard. Cheating is easy…and dumb.

Take the following case of a caught cheater. It was by his own doing that his girlfriend busted his ass.

Sidney Kinsch received a selfie Snapchat photo from her boyfriend. A seemingly innocent photo of him driving in his car. Nothing to be worried about right? A sweet gesture by the boyfriend – right?

Sydney Kinsch

However, ‘the cheat’ was wearing sunglasses in his selfie, which reflected a very different picture than the dude was trying to portray to his girlfriend. 

Sydney Kinsch

The selfie held a very distinct clue that Syndey picked up on right away!

Sadly, the people of the internet could relate all too well. 

And here is the selfie that was sent! It’s quite clear that there is another woman with this ‘tool bag’ in his car…sun dress on and feet hanging out of the window. Hard to believe this guy didn’t notice.

Lucky for Syndey…she noticed and was able to save some time with this ‘D-bag’ and give him the boot!