Woman Caught Faking Cancer After Spending $10k In Donation Money

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Scams have been around since long before sundials started getting brand names, unfortunately it looks like they will be here for a while longer – but with that said there are lines you simply don’t cross, scam or no scam.

One Sweetwater woman decided to cross that line and she’s now suffering the consequences.

Enter Ashley Lively, and her mess all began when she made a Facebook post stating that she had developed pancreatic cancer and had only a couple weeks left to live. Her family was devastated and her small, local community banded together in support.


One month after the scam began she had amassed quite the following, but her lie just kept growing bigger and more elaborate.




A investigation was finally conducted as people started noticing her story didn’t add up. She had been  lying the whole time, and the money was being used on beach trips and a brand new car.

How did the investigation come about in the first place? She posted vacation pictures from her trip down in Florida, all the while claiming to be very sick. Go figure, her own stupidity is what did her in!

Investigating officer, Detective Travis Jones who is working on the case said Lively admitted she made it all up.

“She did admit to us she did not have cancer. Never has. She’s willing to pay everyone back,” Detective Jones said.


The woman’s husband, Dalton Lively was also involved in the scam…clearly, as he is seen posting the ‘support Ashely’s battle with cancer’ post directly on his own Facebook page. So far he isn’t facing any criminal charges like his wife, but he should!

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