Woman Discovers And Entire Hidden Apartment Behind Her Bathroom Mirror

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You just never  know what you are going to find in New York City!

Samantha Hartsoe resides in New York City and she recently shared a video of her removing her bathroom mirror — to find a massive hole in the wall. Hartsoe was experiencing a cold draft, so strong it would blow her hair in her apartment. Upon investigating this mysterious draft, she discovered that it was coming from behind her bathroom mirror. That’s when she removed the mirror and found the large hole in the wall.

Upon further inspection, she realized that there was a strange, hidden room through the hole in the wall.

She shared the discovery with her roommates who were as equally shocked by the discovery and were less hesitant to explore. But that didn’t stop Samantha from going through the hole and exploring what was beyond the bathroom wall.

And what she found, was sort of crazy! It was an entire hidden apartment.

People most certainly could have been living back there. Yikes!

Thankfully, she didn’t discover any people and the apartment appeared to be mostly uninhabited. Oddly, when she contacted her landlord regarding the discovery, they had no idea what was going on either.


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