Woman Faints During Romantic Wedding Proposal

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Marriage proposals are often of the most memorable events to happen in a committed relationship. Some folks propose in sweet and simple manner, others go all out and make their proposal a full blown production. Either way, the what makes a good proposal typically is the ‘shock’ value, the element of surprise. This marriage proposal isn’t over the top, it doesn’t have flash mobs or crazy video production, but it will surely be memorable for other reasons.

When Cameron got down on one knee to ask his fiance’ to marry him, he never expected that her immediate reaction would be to faint.

The poor girl fell to floor so fast, Cameron didn’t have a chance to even speak. After a few minutes of recovery, Cameron’s fiance’ was fine and he took another stab at his proposal. It went off without a hitch!

We certainly wish these two a long and happy life together!


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