Woman Fined After Pet Deer Gores Woman While Walking Her Dog

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A 73-year-old Colorado woman is out of a little bit of cash after she was fined $1098 after her pet deer gored her neighbor.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) issued two citations on Monday in which they accuse Tynette Housley, 73, of illegally taking in a wild day-old fawn and raising it in her Black Forest home, near Colorado Springs, over the last year.

Housley’s neighbor was out walking her dog when the incident happened.

The neighbor told CPW that the deer, who had been living on Housley’s property, started following her in her neighborhood, before running toward her and attacking.

Sadly, the deer was euthanized after goring the neighbor.

She said the deer knocked her to the ground, thrashed its antlers, and gored her.

“The terrifying attack went on several minutes as the victim tried to run to a neighbor’s house and then to her own home,” CPW said in its statement about the incident. “Repeatedly the deer knocked her down and gored her. The deer even continued to attack as she frantically opened her garage door. It relented only when she ran between two cars in her garage.”

The woman was hospitalized overnight and was cut on her head, cheek, and legs during the attack.

When an officer approached the scene, the deer became aggressive towards him as well, at which time the officer put the deer down.

The CPW urges people to not take in wild animals as pets. Keyword being ‘wild’.