Woman Kisses Stranger During Kiss Cam After Boyfriend Refuses (Video)

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A woman at the Knicks game on Thursday night was a bit overly excited to realize she was on the “Kiss Cam.”

The queen of thirsty tried to get (who we are presuming) is her boyfriend to kiss her. He wanted none of that noise and was more interested in his phone than sucking face. Maybe the date wasn’t going so well?

The girl immediately turned to her neighbor who was more than happy to oblige. You know the old saying: “Kissing a random stranger is better than kissing no one at all.” Or did we make that up? Speaking of making things up though…

We’re not entirely convinced this isn’t a total and complete setup, considering the amount of ridiculous “Kiss Cam”-related pranks we’ve seen as of late. But are we entertained? Oh yeah.

Anyway, the crowd went crazy and this is now a news story we needed to share with you all because we can’t stop laughing right now.