Woman Loses Brother, Texted His Phone, And Got A Reply

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Losing a loved one is never easy. The grieving process takes years at times, if at all. That’s because losing a loved one is tantamount to losing a part of yourself. There will always be an empty spot in your heart that no one can ever replace. Hence, we all try to hold on to the memories for as long as we can, and in the best way we know how. We keep memorabilia to remind us of how special they were. Or, we may even refuse to erase their numbers on our phones simply because it just adds more finality to the situation. Then, there are those who may attempt to send text messages to their old mobile numbers just because they want to. This is exactly what one woman did.
After Ruth Murray lost her brother in 2019, she thought she’d never hear from him again. That is, until she actually got replies from his old mobile.