Woman Refuses To Remove Tree From Property, Turns It Into A Free Public Library

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When Sara Sanders noticed her massive Cedar tree in the front yard of her home start to rot and lose limbs, she was heartbroken. The town wanted her to remove the tree, a tree that was a huge reason for Sanders to buy the property in the first place.

Sanders took down most of the tree and instead of removing the massive stump from her yard, she enlisted the help of a local artist to turn that massive stump into something everyone could enjoy.

The artist, who creates sculptures from solid pieces of wood created a gorgeous piece of art out of the stump. The stump features a large black bear and a nook where a cabinet was placed and filled with books for all to enjoy.

People are encouraged to not only bring books to fill the cabinet, but take books to read as well!

Such a wonderful idea! That tree has never been more beautiful!


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