Woman Reunites With Child She Thought Died At Birth 30-Years-Ago

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A woman who thought her child had died at birth 30-years-ago, as been reunited with her son.

Tina Bejarano gave birth to her first child when she was just 17. Her mother, who abusive throughout her childhood, convinced her to give the baby for adoption.

The day after the baby was born, Berjarano’s mother told her that the baby had died just 15-minutes after birth. Unaware that her mother wasn’t telling the truth, Berjarano went on to marry hand have five children with her husband, Eric.

For 30 years, Berjarano would often cry and become depressed, more so around the date of her first child’s birthday. But everything changed recently, and it changed drastically.

Berjarano received an email from a man who had just taken a DNA test. The email read : “I think we need to talk, it says we’re related, and it says you’re my mom,”.

That message was from Kristin Cooke, the son Bejarano thought she’d lost almost three decades earlier. As it turns out, Cooke had actually been adopted and raised in Las Vegas.

Cooke had never attempted to contact his birth mother before, but decided to take a DNA test prior to his own child being born and that’s when he made the shocking discovery.

Although Cooke has not physically met his mother yet, he and his 7-month old baby have a trip planned to reunite.

Cooke and Bejarano are in contact daily via phone, email and text.