Woman Rocks Extreme Cut-Out Black Funeral Dress – Disrespectful Or No?

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A British clothing company called EdgyLittlePieces recently caused a bit of controversy after suggesting that customers wear a revealing black mini-dress with large cut-outs to funerals.

The post shared on TikTok racked up tens of thousands of views – with many people saying that the dress should NOT be worn to funerals and that it is incredibly inappropriate and disrespectful.

Is it?

The owner of EdgyLittlePieces defended the dress and the TikTok post by saying that it is “super covered up” and that customers who have worn it to funerals received compliments.

However, even the attempt to defend the dress as appropriate funeral wear, garnered a ton of backlash. Many stated that funerals should be treated with dignity and respect and that this little black dress – represents none of that.

Despite the backlash, the clothing brand continues to push this funeral attire and other similar items.

So we ask, is this appropriate attire for a funeral? Does it matter what one wears to a funeral?