Woman Says The ‘Ghost’ In Her Daughter’s Car Selfie Is Sending Her A Warning

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Melissa Kurtz, 48, was in the car with her 13-year-old daughter Harper when something strange happened.

Melissa and her daughter were on their way to a beauty pageant when her daughter got a tad bored and decided to take a few selfies to pass the time during the 45-minute trip. Everything continued normally from there — they attended the beauty pageant and went about their regular routine.

A month later, Melissa was looking through the photos that Harper had taken when she noticed a young boy in the backseat in one of the pictures.

Melissa and Harper know that there was nobody else in the car with them that day, but the boy in the photo is undeniably there. He looks like he is peeking over the edge of Harper’s seat, which Melissa took as a warning.

Harper’s First Selfie



Apparently the photo was taken near the location of a little boy’s tragic death. The boy died in a car accident, so it only makes sense that he would be warning Harper about being safe in a car.

Harper’s Second Selfie (Taken Just Seconds After The First)




Paranormal investigators looked into the photograph and believe it is authentic. If this was a Photoshop job, it is a rather impressive one. 



According to Greg Pocha, a director of parapsychology, afterlife and paranormal studies at Eidolon Project Canada,

Ghosts such as the boy are prone to remain earthbound when the soul is literally ripped or thrown from the body in an accident. Chances are that he does not know that he has died. And chances are good that he will haunt this part of the highway forever. To warn may be the purpose, the unfinished business, of this ghost. To warn others how not to meet the same fate as others who have died because seat belt issues. It probably saddens him when he see that.

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