Woman Shares Video Of Her ‘Ready To Cook’ Fish Fillet Flopping Around In The Oven

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A woman getting ready to cook a fillet of fish got a bit of a scare as she placed it in the oven!

As she placed her fish fillet into the oven, it began flopping around! With no head, no tail and only half of the actual fish – understandably it was incredibly strange and caught her off guard. So naturally she grabbed her cellphone and started recording!

The post was shared to Reddit so others could revile in the terror too!

One person commented that the fish was flopping around due to the fish’s spine still sending signals to the muscles. This can typically be prevented by sticking a rod down the spine while preparing to cook.

Other comments stated that it could have been the lemon juice causing the nerves to act up.

A fish flopping around on a plate isn’t that rare however. One chemistry professor from the University of Virginia, Charles Grisham, clarified with Discovery News that the reason for such events is because the animal’s tissue is somewhat still active.

He explained, “Most of the tissue… is actually still alive. Cell metabolites are nearly intact, membrane voltages or potentials that exist in nerve cells are probably still close to intact. Even though the brain function is missing, the tissues will still respond to stimuli.”

Non the less, this is still quite creepy to watch – it was really flopping like crazy!