Woman Shows Off Her 1957 Chevy, The Only Car She’s Driven Since Buying It Brand New Back In 1957

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Grace Braeger purchased one car back in 1957 and she never purchased another one! 

In a Youtube segment called ‘One Among Us’, Braeger shows off her 1957 Chevy and explains that she was raised during the great depression, which taught her to take care of and place extreme value in your possessions. That is why Braeger is still driving the same care…for over 53-years! 

The care was purchased in 1957 for a whopping $2,250 just before the 1958 models were released. At the time of the video, Braeger had been driving the car for 53-years! Updates on the video state she is still driving the car today! 

Talk about an awesome advertisement for Chevy! It also goes to show that properly taking care of a vehicle can make it last a long…long…long time!