Woman Stiffs Newlywed Server For ‘Flirting’ With Husband

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There’s friendly service. And then there’s too-friendly service.

At least that’s what one woman apparently thought when she left no tip at an Ohio restaurant and a note to the server on the check that read “[H]e’s my husband, find your own. Good luck”.

The waitress, Jessica Morris, then took to Facebook to slam the customer, who she identified as “Jenny” – a missive that exploded on social media.

The drama began over the weekend, according to Morris’ Facebook posting, when “Jenny” came into the eatery, located south of Dayton in Centerville, with her new husband and another couple to celebrate their recent wedding. Ironically, Morris also had just been married – on October 9 – and her husband, Travis, was waiting tables nearby.

The server and the two couples shared some banter and the meal seemed to have gone well, according to Morris, but when she returned to collect the credit card receipts, she found a gratuity from one customer but the other had no #tip — and the accusatory note.

Fuming, she then described what happened in a Facebook post, which garnered 50,000 shares before it was taken down.


I don’t typically talk about work this way, but this needs to be shown/addressed. Mainly because it’s hysterical but partially because I’m offended lol.

Anywho, today I had a table of 4 come in. Two couples. The one told me they were there to celebrate part of their honeymoon, which I replied “oh I just got married last month, congratulations.” I assumed they heard me, and we proceeded with the whole “what can I get you” yada yada yada.

Well, as anyone SHOULD know, waitressing is a personable job. To make money you have to be nice, and show you[r] personality. As all of you should know, since you know me, I’m a personable, sarcastic a**hole in the nicest way possible. So of course I let that shine in my job, and at EVERY table.

So, this lady (Jenny) and her husband place their order and she asks me what my name is. I tell her “Jessica” she responds with, “[O]h, we don’t really like that name. Can we call you Jess” and I laughed and said “yeah, you can call me anything you want. I’ll even respond with a**hole.” In which her husband laughs and proceeds to call me that throughout the whole experience we had as server and guests.

I assumed everything was fine, because they were laughing and having a good time. Well I cash out their check, tell them have a good night and to come back. When I come back from singing “happy birthday” to another guest, the couple and company have left, and on one ticket they tipped me $4, well Jenny decided I did not deserve a monetary tip, so she wrote me a nice note, with a $0 tip saying “he’s my husband, find your own. Good luck. J

And I want to add, Jenny stole my one pen, which she knew was my last because I had apologized that I only had the one to share between the two tickets at the table.

Source : WCSH6

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