Woman Strangles Rabid Bobcat To Death During Vicious Attack

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woman strangles fights bobcat


Georgia resident Dede Philips wasn’t going to let a bobcat injure her or take her life away.

While taking a picture of a bumper sticker she had just placed on her car, Phillips heard her neighbors dog begin barking frantically. When she turned around, there was a bobcat just feet from her. The massive cat took two steps and was on top of her.

With nothing to protect herself with, Phillips went for the cats throat.

“It caught me slightly on my face, but I got him before he could do much damage there. I took it straight to the ground and started inching my hands up to its throat. I knew that was the only way I was getting out of this,” she told the Athens Banner-Herald.

Phillips told the Herald that she began squeezing the cats neck, all the while trying not scream. Phillips 5-year-old granddaughter was inside the home and she knew the bobcat would attack her if she were to come outside.

After a few minutes, the cat was lifeless and Phillips had her daughter-in-law call 911.

While waiting for emergency services to arrive, Phillip’s son arrived on scene with a knife and gun.

“My son stabbed it four or five times, but it never budged so I knew it was completely dead,” she told Athens Banner-Herald.

Phillips refused an ambulance ride to the hospital and drove herself. She was not seriously injured, however the bobcat did test positive for rabies.

Phillips has already had to pay $10,000 for rabies vaccinations thus far.

On a fundraising page to help Phillips pay for the medical expenses, her family described her as a “lady who would give you the shirt off her back and will drop whatever she is doing to come help.”

“She loves hard and is one heck of a woman! She is also having to go to a orthopedic doctor about her hands. She currently has very little use of them and is in a lot of pain,” the post continued.