Woman Sues ‘The Ellen Show’ Over Mispronunciation Of Name During On Air Joke

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How far is too far? Well, one woman may have taken it too far when she filed for a lawsuit against ‘The Ellen Show’.

What happened? Just a harmless joke happened, a joke that was delivered by one of the world’s most beloved people..Ellen DeGeneres.

During a skit titled “What’s Wrong with These Signs?”, DeGeneres went through a series of posters and signs found out in the wilds of American cities. One advertisement for a house listing read, “Titi Pierce” as the name of the real estate agent handling the property, and Ellen couldn’t help but make a play on the first name, associating it with a previous sign advertising a Nipple Home. While the joke was meant to be in good fun, Ms. Pierce was not laughing.

ellen sign1

Pierce was on her way to a funeral as the show aired and she started receiving hundreds of prank phone calls. The only part of this story that does seem a little wrong, was the fact that the Ellen Show crew never blurred out Pierce’s phone number when airing the photo to millions of people around the world. Yikes! Could you imagine!

Pierce is now armed with an attorney and suing the lovable superstar for defamation of character, invasion of privacy, and emotion distress.

The clip has since been deleted via all social and media outlets which the Ellen Show owns.

So…is Titi right in suing Ellen? Or is Titi just being a bit to hard? It certainly sounds like a floppy situation to us!

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