Woman Wears Face Mask Bikini Outside Trader Joe’s To Protest Lockdown

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An “artist” has recently found herself in the hot seat after she decided to wear a face mask bikini outside a Trader Joe’s store in order to protest the lockdown.

The self-proclaimed “artist” who goes by the name DaVida Sal took to the nearest Trader Joe’s in order to stage her “artistic” protest, while other confused customers continued to go about their daily lives, grabbing their groceries.

With a face mask covering her eyes and other parts of her body – DaVida took to social media to make a statement.

In her Facebook caption, she wrote this: “I shall not blindly follow. A Living New Modern Fearless Priestess makes her own rules and she wouldn’t ask anyone for permission to be herself.”

“The new terms, ‘Social Distancing’, and particularly, ‘wrong think’ are right out of an Orwellian nightmare revision of America’s constitutional rights and guaranteed freedom. Don’t fall for it! Don’t let them get away with it!”

Clearly her point is rather moot, and many feel she simply looks and sounds ridiculous.

She continued to type captions thinking she was making sense: “They are calling the police on her because she has no FEAR! The [Whole] Foods manager called the cops on her because she wasn’t wearing a mask [on] her mouth!”

Many people took to her Facebook page to express how ridiculous her actions are. Some claiming that it’s a slap in the face to healthcare workers and others simply calling her the ultimate ‘Karen’.

A ‘Karen’ is someone who complains about everything! 

Whatever her deal was…she didn’t do too bad of a job making a face mask bikini look somewhat decent.