Woman With Full Face Tattoo Reveals What She Looks Like After They Are Removed By Laser – Sort Of

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Alyssa Zebrasky was in a toxic relationship a few years back, where she allowed herself to get talked into getting a few face tattoos by her now ex-boyfriend. The tattoo, a “Day of the Dead” sugar skull, covered her entire face and was chosen by her ex.

Needless to say, walking around Cleveland, Ohio with a full face tattoo – wasn’t something that Alyssa embraced.

Side note: I personally could not imagine the shock and horror of realizing that I have done this to my face – forever. 

Alyssa feels that her boyfriend talked her into getting the tattoo on her face as a control mechanism…so no one else would want her. The relationship was incredibly toxic, so much so, that Alyssa ended up in police custody three times during the course of their relationship. One of those times was due to a high speed police chase.

Fast forward to the year 2023 ad Alyssa has turned her life around. She has got rid of that idiotic boyfriend and is now focused on removing those tattoos from her face. She has been taking part in laser removal treatments of her tattoos and uses makeup to cover up as much of the remnants as she can.