Woman’s Steals Over $45,000 From Grandfather To Pay For Tattoos and Other BS

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Nicole Taylor may be 43-years-old, but recent poor decisions have her acting like a child.

Taylor is accused of stealing over $45k from her 93-year-old grandfather over a two year period. The reason for the theft…to cover the cost of her tattoos.

According to court documents, Taylor was her grandfather’s caregiver — so she had access to all of his bank accounts and financials. Taylor used the funds for her own personal expenses, including vacations, clothing, and jewelry. She also reportedly used the money to pay off her own debt.

Upon investigation, it was found that Taylor had made over 80 transactions totaling more than $45,000 from her grandfather’s accounts between 2018 and 2020. Taylor was arrested in February 2023 and has been charged with larceny over $1,200 from a person over 60, embezzlement by a caretaker, and identity fraud.

Taylor is currently awaiting trial, and if convicted, she could face significant jail time and fines.