Women Sleep Better Next To Dogs Than Next To Men, According To A Study

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Dogs have long been called ‘man’s best friend’, but as it turns out — they just may be ‘woman’s best friend’. In addition to that…they may also be woman’s best sleeping partner, according to one study.


Dog lovers came together, for a study that brought some interesting results: most women sleep better next to dogs than they do next to cats or a human partner.

962 women in the United States were questioned for the study, out of which roughly half slept with at least one dog, 1/3 slept with a cat and over half of them slept with a human partner.

Those sleeping near a dog reported higher levels of comfort and security, than those compared to women sleeping with a cat or human partner.

This is due to the fact that dogs are seen as protective creatures and can sense danger quicker than cats or humans.

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Dogs can also encourage healthier sleeping patterns with their owners. Unlike cats, they spend 75% of the night sleeping and have a significantly lower nocturnal activity level. So basically, sleeping with cat is just as tiring as sleeping with a human partner.

Cats also scored the lowest when it came to feelings of security and comfort. (Go figure)


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