Wooden Cutting Boards Can Be Hard To Clean, But Not With This Monica Potter Tip!

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Monica Potter is a woman who does it all and with style! You may recognize Monica from the hit TV show ‘Parenthood’, but in addition to her wonderful acting career she is also the owner of a very successful business, ‘Monica Potter Home‘.

Monica is always sharing awesome tip, DIY’s and life #hacks with her fans and we here at Awesome Jelly absolutely love her style.

Monica recently shared with the world a super simple way to clean those hard to clean wooden cutting boards. I felt I had to share this because ironically, I was doing dishes last evening and ran into this exact issue. Our cutting board seemed to be stained red and green from cutting peppers on it. I actually used this tip from Monica late last night and viola! Problem solved and our cleaning board is as clean as can be!


Source : Youtube

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