Woodworker Makes 35 Desks for Local Kids Who Are Learning From Home

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As the COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ continues onward, thousands upon thousands of children are attending school from the comfort of their own home. However, you don’t want those comforts of home to distract from learning and in many cases, parents are trying to make parts of their homes into tiny classrooms.

There is one generous citizen who is using his woodworking skills to help those parents ease into the role of teacher.

Mitch Couch is a woodworker by trade and he has decided to spend his spare time helping out these kiddos!

Mitch has been fashioning school desks for all the kids who are having to learn from home.

It all started on September 3rd when he shared a photo on Instagram of a desk he constructed for his own children, revealing that it was not only easy but inexpensive to make,

He wrote:

“I know many of our little ones are still home doing distant learning. Our two kids were taking up space at the kitchen table making it a hassle when it came time for meals. So I made them their own little desks.”

“The cool thing is they can store their items in it after they are done and it can be folded away later to take up less space. If you want to try your hand at making your own, check out my Etsy page, they are immediate downloads for 99 cents. I made this one for around $35.”

Soon after, local business owners contacted him asking if he could make some desks for them to be donated to local schools.

“I didn’t hesitate to help them out,” the generous woodworker wrote in an additional Instagram post.

“They asked for twenty-five desks to start but the need was great so we upped it to thirty-five!!! My wonderful wife helped me through the whole thing and even surprised me with four desks she made while I was at work,” he told Scary Mommy.

His ultimate goal is to make 100 of them and distribute them to those in need!