WordPress vs. the World: Why Does the CMS Continue to Dominate?

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WordPress remains the top CMS of choice among businesses and large corporations today. Currently, WordPress has a market share of over 60%. For context, Joomla is the closest to WordPress in terms of customer usage. However, Joomla’s market share is only six percent.

So why is WordPress the standard when it comes to CMS platforms? Here are some reasons why companies are choosing WordPress over others:

  1. WordPress is free. Similar to Linux, the source code can be accessed by everyone. Since it is classified as open-source, you’re free to modify and build upon the software.

Unlike Windows, for instance, not one person can be credited for creating WordPress. Everybody in the open-source community has contributed to making the software what it is today.

  1. It is easily customizable. There are about 30 million active websitesthat are running WordPress as their CMS. That is not to say that WordPress is easy to use. Sure, there are ready-made templates that you can customize at the surface if you want a digital footprint. But e-commerce companies need to optimize their websites for maximum functionality and operability.

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  1. Fortune 500 companies run WordPress. Some of the world’s richest brands prefer WordPress over other CMS platforms. Among the most prominent companies that use WP are Walt Disney Company, Sony, Microsoft, Best Buy, and Target. WordPress must be doing something right to earn the trust of Fortune 500 companies.
  2. It is easily scalable. Scaling up depends on your choice of the best WordPress hosting company. However, the capability of the CMS also factors into the equation. While WordPress can be calibrated if you plan on expanding your website, the web hosting company should also be able to accommodate your new requirements when you scale up, as well.
  3. It is compatible with almost all software and apps. As of this writing, the platform has been downloaded more than 52 million times, and it’s now available in more than 50 languages worldwide.


What does this mean?

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You will not encounter compatibility issues when it comes to native integration of apps, themes, and plugins. That is because developers will always use WordPress as the default testing platform to determine if their apps work as designed.

If you’re set on using this platform as your CMS, the next step is to find the best WordPress hosting solution in the market today. And there are several variables you need to look at:

  • The track record of the host in terms of uptime rate
  • The technical and customer service support of the host
  • The speed of your website
  • The response rate of the host to address problems
  • The bundled services and packages
  • The assistance provided during the deployment and post-deployment

The best WordPress hosting company can provide all these and more. The web hosting company must also provide you with a lot more options when it comes to pricing and features, especially for small businesses.