Woman Caught Hitting Herself In The Face With Sprinkler Head In Workers’ Comp Fraud

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If you are going to try and pull one over on your employer and commit workers’ comp fraud…by all means…make sure there are no cameras pointed directly at you. 

Workers’ compensation is set up to help people…people who really need the help. Sadly, millions of dollars worth of workers’ compensation are paid out to people who are fraudulent, like the woman below. 

Surveillance footage busted a Fort Lauderdale woman picking up a sprinkler head that had just fallen on her desk and smacking herself in the head with it. The woman then filed a workers’ comp claim. 

Sheyla Veronica White’s insurance company got suspicious and referred the incident to Florida’s Division of Investigative and Forensic Services. And that’s where detectives requested security cam footage and were able to prove she staged the whole thing.


workers' comp fraud

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