Works Like Magic: Calm Your Crying Baby Instantly With This Clever Trick!

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Taking care of a baby is no easy task and if that wasn’t already hard enough, the challenge of calming-down one that’s crying could drive any stressed-out parent up the wall. If you are one of the many newbie moms or dads out there who agree with this and are praying for a solution to your problem, there is a neat trick to instantly get your baby to hush and possibly help you save your sanity just in time, thanks to author and inspirational speaker, Daniel Eisenman.

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Daniel has a way with people, able to charm his way into the minds and hearts of people, teeny, tiny ones included. His random ability to encourage many people to free their inner selves has proven quite useful even in his parenting of their little bundle of joy.

While enjoying some quality time with his baby, Eisenman shows that he has indeed found the holy grail of parenting: the ability to make a baby relax. His technique is so ridiculously simple that it would make shake your head and wonder out loud, “why didn’t I think of that!”

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Daniel Eisenman’s amusing video shows how his humming of the “OM” sound (yes the same “OM” used in yoga and other meditation exercises which is the most sacred mantra in eastern spirituality) magically soothes his baby, putting the little one to sleep. You may be wondering, “could it really be that easy?”

Apparently it is and it wouldn’t hurt to give the technique a try now, would it?

Watch Daniel’s video below and see how this tender moment between a father and his baby is teaching parents all over how calmness begets calm.


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Posted by Daniel Eisenman: The Freedom Catalyst on Friday, April 21, 2017

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