World’s Largest Ouija Board Finds A Home In Salem, Massachusetts

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A gigantic Ouija board has found a home in Salem, Massachusetts, just in time for Halloween!

The Ouija Board measures 3,168 square feet and weighs over 9,000 pounds. Considered the world’s largest Ouija board known as Ouijazilla, debuted Saturday via the Talking Board Historical Society in Salem.

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The board sits on top of the infamous site of the famous 1600’s witch trials.

Ouijazilla is constructed of 99 sheets of plywood and covered in a whopping 20 gallons of wood stain.

“It has taken Rick “Ormortis” Schreck a year to secretly create this behemoth that will be known as the King of all Talking Boards,” the Talking Board Historical Society posted on Instagram. “It is by far the largest board in the world.”

In order to use the massive board, you need to use a 400-pound planchette and use a massive pencil to spell out the answers given by ‘the spirit world‘.