‘World’s Loneliest House’ Has Been Empty For More Than 100-Years

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Dubbed ‘The World’s Loneliest House’, this gorgeous home sits on a remote Icelandic island, has been uninhabited for more than 100-years.

The house is located on Elliðaey, a deserted island that lies to the south of Iceland. Throughout the years, the island it did house a tiny population, however, the remaining few residents vacated the island in the 1930s for life on the mainland.

Diego Delso/WikiCommons

Several rumors had initially surfaced on the origin of the lone building and its owner.

One such rumor claimed that the building belongs to an unknown billionaire who planned to use it as a safe home in the event of a zombie apocalypse, as per LADbible.

While the rumors swirl – the above rumor is not true and the truth is…the house is actually not a house at all; it is a hunting lodge owned by the Elliðaey Hunting Association.


The remote island has a large population of flocks of puffin, which are not illegal to hunt in Iceland despite being an endangered species.

The island itself is actually listed as a nature reserve and protected area, due to it being a major nesting area for storm petrels and other sea birds.

The house has no running water and no electricity.

Photos posted Reddit recently of the isolated pad, have garnered over 25k shares!

One Reddit user mentioned that he has actually been to the island.

‘I’ve been there, and I believe you still have to scale a ladder embedded in the cliff side. There’s a small lower beach and dock, then the cliff.’

Could you live on this island?