Good Or Bad Parenting? | World’s Strongest Kid Sports Ridiculously Huge Muscles!

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His name is Giuliano Stroe and he is only 5-years-old in the video below. Giuliano’s father has forced him to push his tiny body to the limits in an effort to make him into a body builder.

Giuliano’s situation is certainly a topic for discussion and as the video below gets seen more and more, the criticism against Giuliano’s father rolls in.

Training this hard at such a young age certainly has downsides. This type of training can stunt the natural growth cycle as well as put a mental strain on the child, especially when the child just wants to please his father.

On the flip side, Giuliano and his father are spending quality time together and Giuliano’s father is teaching him  a form of discipline and dedication, much like Karate would.

Giuliano was named the Worlds Strongest Kid and he has a younger brother that’s following in his footsteps.

What are your thoughts on this video?


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