50 Worst Airlines In The World

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Source: https://static-news.moneycontrol.com

Travelling around the globe is much easier today than ever before. With the hundreds of commercial airline companies serving different destinations in practically every continent on Earth, millions of people are now able to shuttle conveniently between cities that are hundreds or even thousands of miles apart. This ease of travelling by plane has allowed many to establish businesses, foster friendships and experience cultures in places that were, once upon a time, too expensive, hazardous and time-consuming to visit. However, choosing the right airline can mean the difference between a problem-free experience and a nightmarish one.
Airline companies are not created equal and among the many carriers servicing the skies, it can’t be helped that some will be branded as the worst to fly with. Knowing which airliners to stay away from reduces your chances of experiencing the inconveniences that accompany travelling.
Here are 50 of the World’s Worst Airlines that you should absolutely avoid flying with.