Would You Dare To Ride These Extreme, Out Of This World Amusement Park Rides?

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A few years back a video surfaced titled ‘The Centrifuge Brain Project‘. The video depicts a scientist that is describing the brain activity in humans as they ride extreme amusement park rides. The video was very well done and yes…the rides in the video are not real, but were created at the hand of a very talented computer editor. (Sorry to burst the bubble of all you thrill seekers).

The rides in the video look so real that you can not help but wonder what if would be like to ride one of these bad boys.  I have always been a fan of Ferris Wheels, but the one in this video is one that I would certainly shy away from, yikes!

We have included the original ‘Centrifuge Brain Project’ video as well as a video that was edited to just show you the rides themselves. Enjoy!


Here is a video just showing you the rides!

(via – Youtube)