Wow! Watch How This Kid Recovers After His Cymbal Breaks During The National Anthem

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This video and story is wonderful for so many different reasons.

During a Jr. High School band performance, 13-year-old Andrew was the main symbol player in the band as they performed the National Anthem in front of the entire Illinois school. A few bars in to the song, Andrew’s leather strapped handle broke on one of his cymbals, causing the cymbal to crash to the floor and Andrew to wonder what he is going to do next.

With all eyes on Andrew and with the crowd and fellow band mates laughing, Andrew did the unexpected. Placing his remaining cymbal on the ground, Andrew stood tall and saluted the American flag for the rest of the performance.

Out of all the things that a 13-year-old could think of, under all that pressure from his peers, Andrew makes a rockstar decision!

Check it out below. It is totally worth a share!

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