After Christmas Wrap Your Entire Tree With Saran Wrap For Easy Storage

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fake tree

If you display an artificial tree in your home during the holidays you know it can be a pain to set up and take down. The tree itself can be quite an annoyance to put up and then once it is up, the decorations and lights have to be put on.

Here is an easy solution that just might help you avoid the lengthy process of setting up and taking down your Christmas tree each year.

Saran wrap it! That’s right! Leave all of the ornaments and lights right on the tree and start wrapping!

**The Best Christmas Game Ever! Saran Wrap Ball Christmas Party Game!**

People have been known to do this and it is catching on more and more every year. The tree will hold up nicely and it can be stored in the attic, garage, closet or basement!

When next Christmas season rolls around…cut the plastic wrap and voila! Insta-Christmas!

fake tree2

Use the left over Saran Wrap from the Saran Wrap Ball Christmas Party Game!

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