X-sense (SD01) 10-Year Battery Smoke Detector

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Smoke detectors play a crucial role in the safety of a home.  Smoke detectors warn homeowners about any fires in their house so that they can take the necessary actions. Smoke detectors save not only houses but also lives.


Smoke detectors are crucial. You cannot buy just any brand and think your job is done. You must obtain a functional smoke detector that is efficient. Smoke detectors are expensive which is why you should also look at the life span of the smoke detector before buying.

After a thorough analysis of almost all smoke detectors on the market, we found that X-sense SD01 is the most logical choice.

The following features of the X-sense SD01 smoke detector and fire alarm will help you understand why we picked it as the best one.

  • Escape Light

Whenever a fire is detected, the led escape light in the smoke detector will automatically be turned on. The purpose of that led light is to illuminate the escape path so that the family can exit the house safely and as fast as possible. Smoke from fire makes it hard to see what is in front of you, and people often fall on things or get deviated from the exit path. This led escape light is the solution to that.

  • Highly sensitive

The X-sense smoke detector has the most advanced photoelectric sensors, which will tell the house owner if the fire detected is slow-burning or ablaze fire. This smoke detector was found to have the fastest smoke detection.

  • 10-year battery

The smoke detector has a built-in battery that will last you ten years, which means there is no need to change batteries or check on them regularly.

  • Easy to install

The smoke detector is easy to install, and any novice can do it. This means no need to hire someone to fix it.

  • Automatic warning

If there is a battery or low charging problem, the X-sense smoke detector will tell you immediately. No more worries about checking the smoke detector every day. A faulty smoke detector can cost you a whole let then you can imagine.

  • Certified by UL

The X-sense smoke detectors have been tested rigorously to ensure they meet  UL 217 standard.

  • Guarantee

The company gives a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 5-year warranty. Also, there is a24/7 customer service center to reach out in case of any problems.

Disabling and turning off the smoke detector is a hassle in most machines. Keeping this in mind, the X-sense developers have kept these processes rather simple.


How to turn off tire alarm?

Follow these three steps:

  1. Reach the smoke detector using a ladder, press the silence button on the detector’s side, and hold it for 10 seconds.
  2. Remove the fuse box off the electrical junction. This will disable the smoke detector.
  3. Blow air on the smoke detector’s side to remove smoke and put the plug back in the junction to restore power.

By the end of this, your detector will be back on, and the alarms will be off.



As compared to all other options in the market, we found the X-sense to be the most efficient and economical smoke detector. It does the job that a smoke detector should and doesn’t require constant check- once a month is more than enough.

The smoke detector is not a want but rather a need. This small expenditure will save you a lot of money and even lives. You surely won’t regret buying the X-sense smoke detector.

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