You And Your Friends Have To Try And Survive Jason At This Campground In Arizona

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Could you make it through the night?

UPDATE: The format of the camp has changed to a new format called ‘Survive Slasher Camp’. The folks over at Survive Slasher Camp have a new property, one that is not a full blown campground, but a property that will offer a wide variety of slasher scenarios guaranteed to freak out even the biggest horror fans! Can you survive the night?

For any and all information on dates, scenarios, location, etc…please feel free to reach out to the folks over at Survive Slasher Camp on their Facebook page! Give them a Like and Follow too! 

If we all made a list of horror movie characters that absolutely scare the living s**t out of us — Jason would be at the top of the list!

Throughout each year, a campground in Arizona is home to a series of frightening nights of camping.

On Pins and Needles hosts terrifying F13: Survive Jason nights event, which requires you to solve puzzles to try and find a way to escape the nightmare that is Jason. And yes, it’s dark, it’s scary and Jason and friends are always lurking around you. You can’t see them, but they can see you — that’s a given!

During each event, you can expect three 25-minute games held throughout the night. In each game, there will be 8 players that can team up against Jason or you can try surviving solo. Although each game doesn’t start right away, you and your friends can enjoy the pre-game campfire cookout.

If being scared out of your mind and camping is a combo you think you and your friends would enjoy, keep an eye out on the “On Pins and Needles” or the Survive Jason Events Facebook page for upcoming events!

Typically the cost is only $25 per person!

The campground site is usually located around the Flagstaff and Prescott area. If you want to participate in the pre-game campfire cookout, you should arrive 30 minutes early.

On Pins and Needles also hosts horror-themed photoshoots that make your nightmares come true. You and your friends will have an epic night trying to survive Jason.

Also, you will want to keep your furry friends at home for this camping trip!