You Can Get Motorized Pool Tubes To Race Through The Water All Summer Long

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Summer is about to be a whole lot cooler! Instead of just lazying around and floating on a normal pool float, you can move throughout the water on The Motorized Pool Tube, called the Tube Runner, from PoolCandy.

The inflatable tubes have an electric Kort nozzle, which is the same propeller used in tugboats, and is controlled with a joystick. It allows you to move the tube in any direction, and even in 360-degree spins. How freaking cool is that?

The tubes are super easy to get up and running! Simply use an air pump to blow the float up, insert six D batteries, and get in the pool. The tube has two handles attached, a built-in drink, and a built-in headrest/pillow, so you can comfortably lounge or move throughout the water.

The Motorized Pool Tube is available online at Hammacher Schlemmer for $129.95.  You may want to buy a few though, because you know that racing is a must!