You Can Now Borrow Ties And Bags For Job Interviews From This Library, Much Like Borrowing Another Book

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Not everybody has a closetful of professional outfits that are appropriate wear for job interviews. Especially for a fresh graduate, who will go job hunting for the first time, the night before an important meeting in an international corporation can be nerve-wracking enough, without having to figure out if you are wearing the right clothes to impress your future bosses. 

Not to worry, because the New York Public Library is here to the rescue! To help out the younger residents of NYC, the library lends out added accessories to make you look the part and help you land your dream job – such as neckties, briefcases and handbags. 


Members of the library can borrow these things for up to three weeks long, just like borrowing another book. Of course, as long as they don’t have any outstanding fines of over fifteen dollars on their library cards. 

This program is only a part of a wider scheme that the library offers to those in need of work. They also offer a wide range of career resources for those looking for a job, and run different workshops for teenagers to improve their skills in different aspects such as, ways to improve a resumé, how to apply for online jobs, and tricks to finding good job listings. 


“Many of the teens at the Riverside Library who attend my job hunt talk did not know what would be appropriate to wear for job interviews, or did not have proper attire,” says Michelle Lee, a library employee who came up with these workshops. 

The New York Public Library Innovation Project launched this program back in 2014. The program funds and supports the ideas of their employees across 88 neighborhood libraries  located within Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx. All library staff can propose their ideas, and their colleagues have a chance to vote for which ones they believe could be a success. 60 projects have already received funding, including a job search program for those with long-term unemployment. 


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