You Can Play Jenga With Surprise Jello Shots Inside The Blocks

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Traditional Jenga is a super fun game, but if you are looking to step things up a notch — there is now a giant Jenga-like game that hides Jello shots in random pieces. It’s the perfect game for tailgating, backyard parties, or just random get-togethers where you and your pals want to get a little tipsy and have some fun!

It’s called the Little (or giant) Tipsy Jello Shot Tower and when you pull a block that has a random Jello shot in it, you must take it! The Jello shots are hidden well and once you catch a little buzz it will nearly be impossible to remember where they all are.

The tipsy jello shot tower game is created and sold by Etsy store Stone Point Woodword. They make the game in a few different versions to select from. One that contains double jello shots in a select few of the Jenga blocks, and their normal version that just contains 15-random wooden blocks with one jello shot in each.

You can also choose from two different sizes of the game. A giant Jenga version that uses 10.5 inch blocks, and a smaller version that uses 7.5 inch blocks. Each version uses nicely sanded wood block for the pieces, are completely handmade to order, and each version contains 54 wooden blocks to create the tipsy tower jello shot version of Jenga.

With each purchase of the Jello shot Jenga game, you will receive (25) 1 oz jello shot cups that you can use inside each block, or you’ll get 50 of the cups if you purchase the giant version. They do come with lids too, so you don’t have to worry about dropping them! Each game comes with a recipe on how to make the perfect Jello shots too!

When fully stacked up, both versions of the game measure 27″ tall. The company will create custom orders too if 15 Jello shot holes are not enough for you and your peeps!

More of a do it your self type person? Then you can easily make this yourself too! Simply cut 54 pieces of wood to be the exact same size, sand each piece down nicely, and drill a few holes in random blocks, it might be cheaper to go that route, or it may just be a pain in the a**! Really depends on how crafty you are!

Another version found on Etsy allows you to get custom engraving onto the boards that go on the top of the game! These would be great for bars, special events, companies, wedding gifts, and more.