You Can Snowboard All Year Round Using These Bad A** Freeboards!

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If you love snowboarding and or skateboarding and you haven’t heard of ‘freeboarding‘ than you are missing out!

Your feet are pressed against two foot holders, one on the front and one of the back. The ride is much like a snowboard and skateboard had a baby!

The company ‘Freebord‘ makes some killer boards, in case you get the urge to shop for one!

The Definition :

A freeboard is a specialist skateboard designed to closely simulate the behavior of a snowboard. Freeboards were developed to allow snowboarders to transition to skateboarding (as non-winter transport) without the need to adapt to a smaller deck and narrower wheel-base.

Check out these awesome videos of freeboarders going full speed downhill! I think I found my newest toy!






Source : Youtube