You Can Snowboard All Year Round Using These Bad A** Freeboards!

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If you love snowboarding and or skateboarding and you haven’t heard of ‘freeboarding‘¬†than you are missing out!

Your feet are pressed against two foot holders, one on the front and one of the back. The ride is much like a snowboard and skateboard had a baby!

The company ‘Freebord‘ makes some killer boards, in case you get the urge to shop for one!

The Definition :

A freeboard is a specialist skateboard designed to closely simulate the behavior of a snowboard. Freeboards were developed to allow snowboarders to transition to skateboarding (as non-winter transport) without the need to adapt to a smaller deck and narrower wheel-base.

Check out these awesome videos of freeboarders going full speed downhill! I think I found my newest toy!






Source : Youtube