You Can Soon Replace Alexa With Samuel L. Jackson’s Voice On Amazon Echo, Swears And All!

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Samuel L. Jackson is the first celebrity voice coming to Amazon Echo devices

If, for some reason, instead of your Echo device’s soothing, kind, womanly Alexa voice, you’d rather it shouted at you in the firm yet smooth tones of Samuel L. Jackson (obscenities optional), well, that’s a thing you’ll be able to do soon.

Using neural text-to-speech technology that allows it to mimic the voices of celebrities, Amazon is rolling out upgrades that you can purchase for 99 cents that will cause your Echo devices to speak to you as if they’re your new, famous best friends. Jackson will be the first voice available.

The price will rise to $4.99 once the service starts catching on. Amazon also stated that Samuel Jackson is just the first of many celebrity voices that will be rolled out for the new service.

Sounds good to me motherf****r!