You Simply Can’t Look Away From This Cringeworthy Chiropractor Commercial

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“There are a lot of questions surrounding chiropractic care. Is it safe?” the presumed chiropractor, Ryan Lee, asks the camera at the start of the clip. The LA-based doc answers the question by loudly “cracking” a patient’s neck in a fake jerking motion. “

“You may have had a negative experience that left you hesitant to return to a chiropractor. Maybe you felt uncomfortable,” Lee says as he wraps his arms around a female patient and cracks . . . her upper chest? Maybe?

Halfway through, Lee actually introduces himself. “Hi, I’m Dr. Ryan Lee, and I specialize in holistic chiropractic care,” he says, proceeding to snap the joints of a bunch of women in a series of awkward positions, including lifting up their rear ends, lying on top of them, and sticking his finger in a mouth (seriously).

“Call and make an appointment today,” Lee says. “Gentle, comfortable, professional.” Now is the part where you ask whether this video actually exists, or whether it’s simply a figment of your overactive imagination. To all our great misfortune, it’s the former.

“Does anyone else find this satisfying?” one person asks. “If your chiro is Steven Seagal . . . run,” another commenter deadpans. “After watching the thing I was like tensing up, then the ending came and I felt like I got crippling depression,” a user reveals. Us too, dude.


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