You Won’t Believe What One Realtor Found Inside This 96-Year-Old Woman’s House!

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There’s a house going up for sale in Toronto, Canada and it is unlike any other home on the market!

One sweet, elderly 96-year-old woman just didn’t have the energy to take care of her home any longer. Sadly, the time had come where she had to list the home for sale. What realtor’s found inside, was absolutely incredible!

Now, it may not look like much on the outside but the inside tells a whole different story. The realtors had no idea what they were walking into when she called; this quaint little two-story home has a bigger surprise than a Jack In The Box!



Right as you walk in, you can certainly tell that you are about to witness something special. With vibrant aqua patterned wallpaper and gold furniture pieces the entrance is a sight to behold. But don’t let that make you think the whole house is like this – each room comes with a different color scheme and feel (though you can tell she has a penchant for pinks).



She even managed to capture the unique styling preferences of the 1950’s!



For years, she worked as a seamstress. Looking at her house, you can imagine that she was a devoted and precise tailor.



The kitchen is like a pastel pink paradise, perfectly cleaned and amazingly well kept.



Why dirty up the dining room if you don’t have to? With this little breakfast nook you can sit by the window for your meal or to read a bit, but why not both?!



So the story goes, the woman’s late husband told her she could decorate the entire house however she wanted, but this room couldn’t be pink. With a little compromise, the room became purple.



Behold, the most perfect bathroom of all time!



If you take a little walk downstairs you’ll find something every home needs to come equipped with – a cocktail lounge. A very, very good looking cocktail lounge. Is this not the coolest room ever?




Also downstairs is the laundry room, which doesn’t have a theme other than clean clothes.



Even the backyard will surprise you, as it looks like a picnic scene waiting to happen.
With everything included this little house is going for $650,000, which doesn’t seem like much when you consider just how much time and effort went into making it a home.



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