You Won’t Believe What This Awesome Robot Is Doing On A Sandy Beach

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Disney is known for its innovative technologies created by their lauded “Imagineers.” These inventions combine the child-like wonderment of cartoon characters and the real-life technologies that make our lives simpler and even more entertaining. Their latest innovation is quite extraordinary. The Imagineers developed a robot that can sketch beloved Disney characters in the sand to make your beach-going experience more fun.

Meet Beachbot

Slightly larger than a Roomba, the cartoonish robot turtle uses innovative soft balloon-like wheels so that it doesn’t leave a trail while rolling across a beach. It can deploy a built-in rake as needed to draw elaborate designs in the sand.

How It Works

Beachbot can be controlled remotely, allowing an operator to use it to draw directly on a beach. It can also be programmed with a pre-loaded design or image. In that case, four white poles are placed in the sand to establish the size of the canvas. Beachbot uses these poles to keep track of its position with a high degree of accuracy as it autonomously reproduces a design.

(via Gizmodo)

To see the adorable little robot in action yourself, check out the video below.