You Wouldn’t Want To Miss Out On These Benefits Of Save The Date Cards

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For some, save the dates are mere cards with generic information, while others see a chance to break away from the typical invitations. However, they bear great significance. They not only permit guests to save the dates but also offer a great chance to convey some important information about the big day.

They’re also a great way of generating excitement around the upcoming event and ensuring your loved ones adjust their calendars accordingly. The trend has grown tremendously over the years, owing to the associated benefits.

If you’re seeking the perfect cards, companies like MagnetStreet would be the best place to meet your unique needs. If you’re still uncertain about whether to send these cards, here’s a highlight of the benefits.

Building Intrigue and Anticipation among Guests

Typically, people send save the date cards 8-12 months before the wedding day, and that provides an excellent means to build the excitement of your big day. They help set the tone to an epic event through its wording or design.

It might not be possible to mention the entire music set or menu options, but you could give them a taste of what the big day will include by reflecting on your selected theme.

Moreover, they allow you to give snippets of your date to family and friends. While you can send them any time, you should send them after confirming your venue or church for the ceremony or reception.

These cards can also be an opportunity to initiate a chosen unique social media hashtag. Hashtags aren’t only for the event itself. You could use them throughout the planning phase for you and the guests.

Maximize Attendance

You can send the cards early to ensure as many family and friends make it on your big day. Early notice helps guests plan around holidays and other events so they can guarantee attendance. This can be especially significant if you have an event abroad or during mid-week.

Guest Convenience

Obtaining early notice of a possible invite permits guests the convenience of planning. This way, they can organize things like travel, babysitting, and taking time off work sooner. Besides giving guests enough time to plan, save the date cards are courteous gestures.

Time Management

These cards won’t benefit the guests alone, and they could also make your event less stressful to handle. Sending out early tasters means you’ll probably receive a few replies early. This implies that you’ll iron out issues such as special arrangements or food allergies almost immediately.

What to Include in the Card

The date

Once you’ve established the set date, include it in the card, permitting the guests to mark it on their calendars. In case it’s a destination wedding or a celebration that takes more than a day, specify the entire weekend so guests can make travel plans.

The city

Whether it’s a destination wedding or an event that’s happening locally, your guests should know the wedding’s location to prepare beforehand. Some of the guests might need to reserve a room at a hotel nearby rather than rive home at night.

The couple’s name

Full names are preferable. However, first names are just okay for informal and casual wedding celebrations.

Although save the dates aren’t mandatory, they offer various benefits as you approach the wedding day. If you’re looking to send professional cards, there are reputed brands like Magnet Street that are there to help.