You’ll Never Believe How Much These Grey’s Anatomy Stars Are Worth

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Back in 2005 a new medical drama series was introduced on ABC called Grey’s Anatomy that focused on the lives of its surgeons, from interns to professionals, and it would also focus on the lives of the patients that usually change per episode. During that time, no one could have imagined the success and impact the show would have over the coming years. Now known as the longest running American primetime medical drama series, Grey’s Anatomy has become somewhat of a household name where even if you haven’t seen it, you’ve definitely heard of it. Having a total of over 38 Primetime Emmy Award nominations during its 15 year long run, it sure has come a long way from the mind of its creator, one of the wealthiest women in TV, Shonda Rhimes. Along with her are the cast who have earned their fair share of wealth as well for being on one of the most popular TV shows around.
Let’s go and take a quick look at just how much they’ve been earning throughout the years.